Top 5 Shoplifted Items Include Raw Meat and Razor Blades

‘Tis the season for giving…. and taking. The five-finger discount is up six percent this year, according to Adweek. One out of every 11 people who walk into a store… walk out with something they didn’t pay for. That’s kind of shocking. I never realized shoplifting was that common.

I’ve seen two examples of theft in the just the past week. I was filling up my car the other day and two shady looking guys at the next pump over caught my attention. The next thing I knew, one of them slammed the nozzle back on its holder, jumped in the car, and sped off. The convenience store worker must have suspected something. He was out the door in no time, trying to get a look at the tag number. That didn’t help. It was one of those temporary tags. I could tell the clerk had seen a few of these “drive-offs” before.

A few days after that gas and dash, I was inside another convenience store late at night. As I was checking out, a man ran out of the store with some beer under his arms.

Back to the Adweek survey. What are the top items people steal? I think you’ll be surprised. Here’s the fab five:

  1. Filet mignon
  2. Jameson Whiskey
  3. Electric tools
  4. Electronic gadgets like smart phones
  5. Gillette Mach 4 razor blades

Have you seen how expensive razor blades are?  I’ve been tempted to grab a few and run. Just kidding. Really.

Click here for more of the most shoplifted items.


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