Yes, That Was Another Earthquake! Are We Near The End (of Time)?

What in the name of Armageddon is going on? Since the weekend, Oklahoma has had quite a few earthquakes and aftershocks (as I’m writing this we’re feeling ANOTHER strong aftershock). And today, nearly a dozen tornadoes touched down here. That’s not unusual during the spring, but November? And after a weekend of bouncing up and down?

Here’s a video of one of the bigger twisters today. It was spotted by one of Tulsa Channel 8’s storm chasers in southwestern Oklahoma. The voice you hear is that of our chief meteorologist Frank Mitchell. And I added the sound effects.

Pretty impressive, huh? Speaking of Armageddon, Channel 8 asked a local minister if these quakes and twisters mean the end times? Rev. Mouzon Biggs of the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church doesn’t think so. He says, “There have always been threatening times. And when there are threatening times, people imagine maybe this is the end. But these are far from being the worst times humans have ever known. They are far better than many times humans have known.”

But today on “The 700 Club”, TV evangelist Pat Robertson told his viewers, “Jesus Christ said there would be earthquakes in diverse places… that’s just one more reason that we need to get ourselves right with the Lord.” 

Here’s what a few of our viewers are saying:

  • “Yes, the end of time has been happening forever, just like earthquakes.”
  • “We will not have a warning… Only God knows when the end of time will be.. Earthquakes don’t mean the world is ending…”
  • “AHHHHHHH the worlds coming to and ENNNNNNNNNNNND.”

What do you think?

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