Oklahoma Has It All… Even Earthquakes!

What a year! What else can Mother Nature throw at us? Us, meaning Oklahoma. Let’s see, we’ve had our coldest winter ever, most snow ever, deadliest tornado ever, hottest summer ever, and now this.

My apologies to my son and his friend. Late Saturday night, I yelled upstairs to them, “Quit jumping up and down!” A few seconds later, when the sofa and coffee table and chandelier were still shaking, bouncing and swinging,  I realized it wasn’t them.

We’re a little shaken up in Oklahoma this weekend. And not from some upset of our nationally ranked  Sooners or Cowboys. They both won Saturday. No, our teeth are still rattling from a day of earthquakes. One that started our day, an even more powerful one that ended it. An early morning 4.8 quake had many of us wondering what had just woken them up. The 5.6 shaker just before 11pm left us with no doubt what had just happened. The first was the third-strongest earthquake in recorded Oklahoma history. The last one was our largest ever.

I’ve felt my share of earthquakes. In 1994 I landed in Northridge to report on one of Southern California’s worst quakes ever. Our crew was in an editing booth when a strong aftershock shook our nerves. Years before that I was at college in SoCal when I remember driving on the freeway. All of the sudden every car and truck, including mine, automatically merged politely one lane to the right. It was an earthquake.

But that’s out in Hollywood, where quakes are as common as Lindsay Lohan court appearances. Here in Oklahoma we had 30 below temps, three feet deep snow, EF-5 twisters and 113 degree summers this year. And now 5.6 earthquakes! Who says California has it all?

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