7 Billion People: What Number Are You?

You may have heard or read that the world’s population is now at 7 billion. That’s 7,000,000,000. The United Nations says that happened sometime Monday (Halloween).

How in the world can scientists say for certain who this 7 billionth baby will be or where they’ll be born, but they have a pretty good guess. It all

My father

boils down to numbers: India. A baby is born there nearly every second, making it the fastest growing nation in the world. India’s population is expected to top China’s in just 14 years.

Dr. Dad

Wonder where you fit in? I came across a cool calculator. You plug-in your birthday and find what number you are. For example, a baby born today is around the 7 billionth on earth. My dad, who was a pediatrician, was born on Halloween 90 years ago. I put in his birthdate: 10-31-1921 and it said, at the time, he was #1,886,719,269. I then plugged mine in, and I was #2,849,062,260. Wow! That’s cool. Nearly 35 years after my dad, there were about one billion more people.

Today, we’re growing much faster than that. In just ten more years, scientists say we’ll be preparing to welcome the 8 billionth person into the world. My dad will be 100. I’m sure he’d love to come out of retirement to deliver that baby. Wherever that will be.

Click here to find out your number.

2 Comments on “7 Billion People: What Number Are You?

  1. Very interesting. One of those pictures you have of Dad, was of him holding you the day you were born. It was a very Merry Chirstmas eve that day.

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