The BCS Trophy Is In The House

After some unbelievable games, the World Series trophy will be handed out to either Texas or St. Louis tonight (Friday). As the incredible Game 6 was going on last night, we ended our newscast showing off another famous trophy.

Mark, Kristin, John and Frank with the BCS trophy

The BCS National Championship trophy is traveling the country so fans can see it and get their picture taken with it. It made a stop at Channel 8 late last night, and we just had to get our pictures with the celebrity. It’ll be in Stillwater Saturday at the OSU-Baylor game. The Cowboys are still in serious contention for the trophy. It was in Norman last week for the OU-Texas Tech game, and we all know what happened there.

But if you think the trophy could be a jinx, it was at two other Sooner games this year, when the Crimson and Cream played Florida State and Texas. So relax Cowboy fans.   Charlie, who’s the keeper of the crystal ball, gave us these interesting trophy tidbits:

  • It’s not cheap. It’s worth about 30 grand.
  • There are no replicas. One trophy each year. This one goes to the National Champion.
  • It’s been dropped and broken just once, by a Florida Gator recruit. He’s now playing for Georgia.
  • They display it at one of the big college games each week. After the OSU game, Charlie says it’ll probably head to the LSU-Alabama game. You think?

No, I didn’t touch it. You kidding me? I can just hear Charlie answer that often asked question: “Yeah, it’s been broken just twice, once by a Florida player, the other time by some news anchor in Tulsa.”

That's a little too close for comfort!

No thanks. I don’t need that on my resume.

Here’s a video of us showing off the trophy in our final segment, and info on where you can get your picture taken with it:

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