Have You Given Your Cell Phone a Bath Today?

What’s on your smart phone right now? No, not the music. Not the latest game or app. And not your favorite photos. I mean what’s ON your phone right now. If a new study is correct, it could be covered in fecal matter. Or, as my boys call it … poop.


Researchers in London looked at hundreds of swab samples from cell phones and found one in six phones is contaminated with the bacteria E. Coli, which comes from feces. The study found most of the cell phones had some kind of bacterial contamination on them. Researchers say it’s likely because many people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

A 99 cent app probably doesn’t help the fecal matter. It’s called iPoo. Here’s how the “iPoo – bored while you poo?” app is described in the iTunes app store:

“Always find yourself with nothing to do while you’re sitting on the can? Introducing iPoo – a new iPhone application that gives you something to do – while you poo! iPoo is a social community that brings together pooers from around the world. Write messages, draw graffiti on the virtual stalls, earn points and badges, and see what others are posting – all while dropping a deuce!”

With apps like this, it’s tough to pooh-pooh the studies that find fecal matter on smart phones.

4 Comments on “Have You Given Your Cell Phone a Bath Today?

  1. This is both interesting and disgusting please take the time to read it.

  2. This is disgusting. I heard about that app- very weird. Thanks for posting this- interesting in its own way.

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