Godzilla Almost Ate Me For Lunch

Our newscasts have been crawling with spider stories the past couple of weeks. An invasion of black widows last week, and scorpions this week. Okay, maybe more like a sizable increase instead of invasion, but you get the idea. Spiders of all shapes, sizes and species are out scaring people weeks before Halloween.


Godzilla almost ate me for lunch

For example, today I was about to change a light bulb outside at the front of our house when my wife screamed, “Stop. Don’t move.”  She saw it first. A giant web with one of the biggest, scariest looking spiders I’ve ever seen sitting right in the middle of it. (Of course, every spider is scary looking to me.) Godzilla had already caught its breakfast, and it almost had me for lunch. Surely, by the looks of it, I would have died. More on that later.

Black widow bites have doubled

I was a little spooked by spiders. And for good reason. I’d been reading about them in our newscasts. Because of the heat and the drought, the experts say black widows are weaving their webs closer to homes and well-watered lawns in search of food. The result? Oklahoma’s Poison Control Center says black widow bites have doubled. Cliff Culp from Ace Exterminators says they’re getting five to ten more calls a day about black widows. Cliff says they like to hide in garages, sheds, gardens, and underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Scorpions too!

Scorpions are also sneaking into homes because of the recent drought. That’s good business for exterminators. Arrow Exterminating’s Rick Fleetwood says they normally get two or three calls a month about scorpions. Now they get at least three a week. Homeowner Andrea Miller encountered one. “It was back in our master bathroom and I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a scorpion in my  life, so I completely freaked out,” she said. “Then, when I saw one on the wall by my son’s room, I completely freaked out.”

It's just a garden spider

Godzilla may have scared me, but it didn’t kill me

My wife and I take walks every morning, and  recently, we’ve had to dodge spider webs along the way. We can usually see them before it’s too late. It’s a different story when I run at night after work. That’s when I completely freak out. That gets me back to my meeting with Godzilla. For those of you who are spider experts, by now you know Godzilla wasn’t going to kill me. It may have looked deadly, but it wasn’t. I took a picture and looked it up. What was it? It goes by the ominous name of….  garden spider. Go figure. According to one Web site, the garden spider rarely bites a human, and when it does, it’s not poisonous. But they do love to trap and eat other insects. So I left it alone.

So Godzilla may be harmless, but scary. How would you like to run into this?

Go get ’em Godzilla!

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