19 Colleges Costing More Than $55,000 A Year

I’ve come to that part of my life when my kids are costing a lot more than they used to. The biggest money drain? College tuition and all the expensive extras that go along with higher education. Two of my boys are in college right now, and I’ll be writing out checks to the Office of the Bursar for many more years to come. But let me digress for a moment.

It wasn’t that long ago when my wife and I would go Christmas shopping for our three boys at Toys R Us. Without a list or any idea of what to get them, we’d grab a cart, go up and down the aisles in the store, and toss in some toys. An hour later, we’d count ’em up, make sure they were evenly divided, and check out. A couple hundred dollars (maybe a little more) and we were done.

Fast forward a few years, and Nerf footballs are now the latest Madden NFL game, the tricycles have turned into F-150 trucks, and the Power Ranger Samurai Action Figure has been replaced with the latest iPhone. And to think I used to laugh when older parents warned me that kids get more expensive as they get older. Yeah, sure. That’ll be the day.

Well, that day has come. And while I’m a firm believer in getting a degree, it doesn’t take a college education to see, “It ain’t cheap!”  Add up tuition, room & board, textbooks, etc. at the fine school where my boys are playing learning, and we’re talking nearly 20 grand a piece every year. So when I came across this list today (thanks to Consumerist.com), it that made me feel a little better. Campus Grotto is out with its 5th annual ranking of most expensive colleges. In 2007, there was only one that had a total cost of more than $50,000. Today, there are 19 that cost over $55,000. That’s a lot more than my first house cost 30 years ago. Here they are:

College Total Cost
1. Sarah Lawrence College $59,170
2. New York University $56,787
3. Columbia University $56,310
4. Harvey Mudd College $56,268
5. Eugene Lang College (The New School) $55,890
6. Claremont McKenna College $55,865
7. Wesleyan University $55,706
8. Bard College $55,617
9. Barnard College $55,566
10. Trinity College (CT) $55,450
11. University of Chicago $55,416
12. University of Southern California $55,384
13. Dartmouth College $55,365
14. Drexel University $55,335
15. Bates College $55,300
16. Johns Hopkins University $55,242
17. Vassar College $55,135
18. Bard College at Simon’s Rock $55,110
19. Haverford College $55,050

While I’m not writing checks for even close to those amounts, it doesn’t matter where you go to school, college costs are skyrocketing, and becoming out of reach for many, if not most. Sometimes I miss those days at Toys R Us. I know my wallet sure does.

Most Expensive Colleges for 2011-2012

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