iPhones and Politics

It was a tense early afternoon for me. What would he decide to do? What would it look like? Would he join the race or not? Would it be a revamp or all new? Could we call him a candidate? Could we be looking at the latest and greatest device?

Dueling announcements

It was high noon… politics and technology were dueling for my attention. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was holding a news conference, declaring whether he would join the race for president. At the same time, Apple was unveiling the latest changes to its popular iPhone. Rumors, speculation, hope and hype preceded both. I was fascinated by the outcome of both. I watched one announcement (Chris Christie) live on television, a live blog of the other (Apple) on the internet.

“Now is not my time”

To my surprise, the politician got to the point much quicker than the techno geeks. Within minutes, Christie said he wouldn’t seek the GOP presidential nomination, despite the fever pitch cries of Republicans who wanted him to reconsider his earlier pledge not to run. Christie said, “For me, the answer was never anything but ‘no.'” You could almost hear the cries of grief from political supporters and sighs of relief from opponents.

Now is not iPhone 5’s time

While Apple’s iPhone announcement started around the same time, it wasn’t until nearly an hour in that we got a definitive answer: “I’m really pleased to tell you today about the brand new iPhone 4S,” said Apple’s Phil Schiller. So it wouldn’t be the all-new iPhone 5 that many, if not most, iPhone lovers had been hoping for. Instead it was the iPhone 4S, the sequel to the iPhone 4. No doubt, the 4S is a faster and smarter smartphone, but not the total re-design and thinner profile like the iPad 2. You could almost hear the cries of grief from technology geeks and sighs of relief from competitors.

Politics and technology. They normally don’t have a whole lot in common. But following both announcements today, you may be hearing “Wait until next time” from quite a few people.

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