Who Knew? Zigzags Are In!

I was yelling at the TV set the other day. “That looks hideous! Who would ever wear something like that?” Everything on the screen … the dresses, purses, jackets, even the dishes and patio sets…  had that ugly 70’s-like zigzag design. The zigzags made me light-headed. It was so bad my eyes wanted to throw-up. It was so bad I thought it was one of those Saturday Night Live spoofs.

I’ve never pretended to be a fashion guru. After all, I’ve worn your basic suit and tie everyday for the past 30 years. How boring. But I really thought I nailed this one and sounded like an expert when I screamed at the TV. Turns out it wasn’t an SNL spoof. It was a Target commercial, advertising the fashions of Missoni, a high-end Italian designer.

I learned all this while watching Good Morning America this morning. GMA aired a piece about a shopping frenzy at Target stores when the chain started selling the zigzags Tuesday. You would have thought it was the Oklahoma Land Run or California Gold Rush the way shoppers were running and screaming to get their hands on the zigzag stuff. The New York Times even ran a story on how the zigzag frenzy crashed Target’s website.

Hey, they even have those zigzags for men. The zigzag beanie was sold out online, so maybe I’ll try the zigzag tie. How do you think that’ll look in HD? It will go great with one of my 1970’s leisure suits.


5 Comments on “Who Knew? Zigzags Are In!

  1. I was soooo bummed when I found out they sold out by 11am in the stores…I went to check out the sitch here in OKC and there were literally probably 15 items left of Missoni….bummer!

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’ve followed fashion for years and I’m saddened to see a company like Missoni linked to Target.

    Gemelli Italian Shirts is an online store I opened mid-July of this year. The 2-ply Egyptian cotton men’s shirts are designed and made in Italy (Milan). Check it out… we do not sell ZigZags.


  3. I do not like trends or advertizing. Sorry, I know that what makes $$$$$. Trends like “zig-zag” have been since time began. Skirts long, skirts short, narrow ties, wide ties, pastels or bright colors, etc. etc. etc. So nnow it’s “zigging and zagging”? Don’t be foolish enough to be caught up in things trendy. Stick to the traditional and you’ll always be in style.

  4. “The zigzags made me light-headed.” Classic line!

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