Lunar Lunacy? Domino’s Pizza Plans to Open Store on the Moon

How’s this for an out-of-this-world publicity stunt? Domino’s Pizza plans to open a store on the Moon. I read some pretty crazy stories on the news, but this one may top them all:

Domino’s Pizza wants to build a restaurant on the moon. The chain’s Japanese division is in the planning stages of the lunar project. The company is developing plans for a two-story dome that would serve as a prep kitchen, and living quarters for the staff. The entire project will cost $22 billion. It would take 15 rocket launches to transport 70 tons of construction materials, cooking equipment and pizza toppings.

It’s tough to read that with a straight face. Wouldn’t it be nice to have so much money you could waste it on frivolous things? Okay, let’s pretend it’s not a publicity stunt and not just lunar lunacy. Good thing it ended its “30 minutes or it’s free” delivery promise. That 250,000 mile trip to your house will be a real doozy.

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