Want to Sell Your House? Hire a Realtor and Bury a Saint

Let’s face it, homes just aren’t selling as quickly as they did a few years ago. The economy has soured, salaries have dipped, and unemployment lines are longer. The American Dream, for many, is on hold.

Bury a saint

With the housing market still in a slump, sellers are looking for any break they can get. And some are not only calling on the help of  a good realtor, they’re burying a saint as well.

My wife is a realtor, and this week, one of her clients asked her to do something she’s never done before… bury a tiny plastic St. Joseph statue in the front yard, not far from the for sale sign. Many believe it’ll help sell the home quicker. The seller lives out-of-state and mailed the St. Joseph Home Seller kit to my wife. On Facebook, the seller gave her these directions: “Be sure to bury it upside down facing the house. In the front yard where everyone can watch!! :-)” 

Includes a prayer and planting instructions

The home selling ritual isn’t that uncommon. St. Joseph is seen by many as the patron saint of home and family, and his plastic likeness can be bought at religious stores and on the Internet. On Amazon.com you can buy one for $12.56, and that includes a prayer with step-by-step instructions for planting.

Before you laugh, check out these responses on my wife’s Facebook page:

  • “Ours worked!!!”
  • “My daughter did this and their home sold in three days! Good ol’ St. Joe!”
  • “Worked for my house!” 

Made in China

Still, others aren’t so convinced. One FB response: “It must be bad when people are burying statues… lol… Houses ain’t sellin!” And in an LA Times story, Father Pat Lee of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Chicago ridiculed the practice, and is quoted as saying, “You are burying a saint and holding him hostage in the ground until you get what you want,” Lee said. “This is not magic. This is ridiculous.”

The St. Joseph Home Seller kit may be scorned by some, heaven-sent by others, but I noticed it was “Made in China”. Don’t know if that makes any difference to you.

A plastic St. Benedict statue might also help

I asked my wife what she thought of her client’s request. She told me, “If that’s what she wants, I’ll do whatever it takes to sell the house.”  The burial is this week. If St. Joseph works, maybe her client will also be interested in a plastic statue of another saint in her new home. The St. Benedict Home Protector kit is only $9.88 on Amazon.com. But hurry, “Only 4 left in stock — order soon.”

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