Strange But True

We use the word ‘bizarre’ quite a bit on the news. Today we had several stories that are truly bizarre.

A slow speed chase in Texas had drivers doing a double take. A man on a forklift led police at a very slow speed on I-30 in Ft. Worth. He was drinking beer and make obscene gestures at police, while holding his pet dog on his lap.

The driver had just bought the forklift, then went to a store to buy some beer, and was heading home when he saw the cops behind him. “There were so many of them,” he said. “I was afraid to pull over. I did stop one time and they ran up and tried to taser me and I was afraid to stop.”

The forklift driver claims he’s bipolar and stopped taking his medicine earlier this summer.

If you think that’s bizarre, how about this one?

A Colorado woman is getting national attention for calling 9-1-1. She wanted help finding her TV remote.

She says she has a place for everything, and keeps everything in its place. So, she was suspicious when she couldn’t find her remote. She thought she’s been burglarized and called police. “I told them, you know, I’m not a well-to-do person. I said why would someone come in here and take a remote?”

She ended up finding the remote in a drawer.

The “remote in a drawer” story certainly is bizarre. It reminds me of the “cat in a drawer” story I shared with you at the beginning of the year, following a New Year’s Eve party at our house. Nearly 200 people showed up, including about 150 of one of my boys’ “friends”. In case you missed it, here it is again:

We have a new kitten.  Butters.  That’s her name.  Don’t ask.  With so many kids going in and out the doors last night we were worried she’d sneak out and we’d lose her.  And for a while thought we did.

My wife went to bed at 1 after I asked ordered the mass to leave.  After cleaning up the mess from the mass, I looked for the cat.  For an hour.  Butters was gone.  So at 3 am I woke up my wife and asked her if she knew where she was. “No, but thanks for waking me up,” she said groggily.  “Now I’m worried and can’t sleep.” I could and went to bed. She stayed up for the rest of the night and walked the neighborhood looking for the kitty (with temps in the teens). If you happened to see a woman walking around in her fur coat between 3 and 7 in the morning calling out, “Here Butters”, that might have been her.

I joined her in the search at 7 am.  Still no luck. Butters was gone.

An hour later, the light bulb flipped on in my wife’s head. “I found her.  I found Butters.” Where was she?  You’ll love this one.  Keep in mind this is post-NYE partying.  You’re tired and not fully with it. At one o’clock, as my wife reached into a drawer for her pajamas, she put the kitten she was holding in her arms into the drawer.  And closed it. The cat was still sleeping when my wife opened the drawer 7 hours later.  Butters slept soundly.  We didn’t.

You’ve heard of  ”Cat in the Hat”.  I think “Cat in the Drawer” is a much more interesting story.  And it’s true.

It didn’t make the news, but bizarre nonetheless.

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