Mean Men (and Women) Make More Money

Note to employee when it comes to salary negotiations and workplace politics: Be a jerk. You’ll make a lot more money. Okay, maybe “jerk” is a little strong. Just don’t be agreeable, according to a new study.

The gap is wider for men

The study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology find that agreeable workers earn significantly less than their less agreeable colleagues. The gap is especially wide for men. Here are some of the findings:

  • Men who weren’t as agreeable earned about 18% more (nearly $10,000) a year than nice guys.
  • Ruder women earned about 5% more (nearly $1800) a year than their friendlier counterparts.
Study co-author Beth A. Livingston told The Wall Street Journal, “Nice guys are getting the shaft.” 
Agreeable workers make less during salary negotiations
For men, being agreeable can often be seen as not conforming to “expectations of masculine behavior,” according to the study. Workers who are more agreeable may also be less willing to assert themselves in salary negotiations.
The study says that many managers don’t realize they are rewarding people for their disagreeable attitudes. Bottom line? Perhaps nice guys really do finish last.

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