How To Prepare For A Lost Wallet

Have you ever had your wallet stolen? If not, there’s probably been a time when you couldn’t find it. It’s not a good feeling is it? Last weekend I was at the Drillers baseball game downtown. I reached for my wallet… and it was gone! I quickly retraced my steps and was fortunate to find it. No one had taken it. The wallet had fallen out of my back pocket while I was sitting down.

Cash, credit cards and personal information. Our wallets hold a lot of important and valuable stuff. Losing it can send you in a frantic tailspin. A couple of days after my scare I came across some valuable lessons to learn if you lose your wallet or purse, whether by accident or theft. I found them at Here are a few of them:

  • Crooks can work fast, so keep the number to report lost or stolen cards handy. That way you can freeze your accounts before too much damage is done.
  • Report the problem right away to police and the credit agencies.
  • And it’s always a good idea to keep photocopies of your wallet’s important contents. It makes getting replacements go more smoothly if you can remember what was in the wallet.

Do these things before your wallet vanishes. I’m going to, because I know what happened last weekend won’t be the last time.

3 Comments on “How To Prepare For A Lost Wallet

  1. Robert had his wallet stolen this summer on the metro in Paris. Pick pocket. He had it in a zipped pocket on a vest he was wearing. They were professionals. He immediately called me ( I didn’t go to Paris with him and 10 high school students on a mission trip) and I reported the credit cards stolen. He had to spend a while at the police station reporting the theft etc and getting papers so he could drive. 4 days later we came home after seeing the group off and had a message from a lady who had found the wallet on a bench in the subway. Everything there BUT the money. So thanks for your advice and we hope it won’t happen again. We were in Paris recently with my sister and family and kept wallets in a more secure place.

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