Welcome to 50 President Obama: Now Here’s My Advice!

Look who’s 50 today! President Obama hits the half century mark. Quite the milestone. The big five-oh. He’s older… and grayer. Like most of the men who’ve been president, the effects from the most stressful job in the world are beginning to show. But, agree with his politics or not, Obama looks pretty good for 50. And for the worries he has to go through every day.

Mind games 

But what will 50 do to his psyche? 5-0 played mind games on me. I felt fine. I was in good shape. I had a good job and good family. I didn’t feel 50. And people would tell me 50 is the new 40. But 50 years is still 50 years. I would often think about when my dad was 50 and I was a kid. Then in the blink of an eye, I traded places with him. He’ll be 90 this year, I’m in my 50’s, and my kids are calling me Old Man. It sure happens fast. Obama probably has too much on his mind to think about things like that.

Mr. President, I have some advice for you

The day before his big day, the president was in a cabinet meeting at the White House. He told the press while laughing, “I’m going to get advice from some around the table about how to handle this milestone.” Since I’ve experienced something he hasn’t, I feel like I can give the president a little advice on being 50. Our conversation might go something like this:

  • Me: “Mr. President?”
  • Obama: “Yes, Mark?”
  • Me: “I have two pieces of advice for you now that you’ve turned 50.”
  • Obama: “What’s that?”
  • Me: “Check your mailbox for your AARP membership.”
  • Obama: “I’ve done that, Mark. They started bugging me a couple of years ago. I keep throwing it away.”
  • Me: “That’s what I did. Denial is good.”
  • Obama: “What’s your other advice?”
  • Me: “Call your doctor and schedule your colonoscopy. You’ll love it.”
What advice would you give the president on his 50th birthday? Let me know.

2 Comments on “Welcome to 50 President Obama: Now Here’s My Advice!

  1. About growing older. You’ll have to admit that with Dad’s 90 years of age (almost), he acts like 75 or 80. And although I’ll be 85 too soon, last week someone swore I looked like 70. What flattery! Just aim for 101 like your grandmother and you’ll have no problem. Grandma’s motto: “One day at a time”. If you still have tapes of your CBN interview with her, put it on
    someday. What a gal! You’ve got longeveity genes.

  2. Good writing, Mark. I enjoy your POV’s. It’s wonderful being in your 50’s, isn’t it? Like your Mom said, I think I’ve got longeveity in my genes, too. I lost my dear sweet Grandma in March this year. She was just 7 weeks shy of being 101. What a heritage we have. I remember your Grandma (and Grandpa) Skien very well. I saw your CBN interview with her when she turned 100. I would like to see it again. Now you have two requests. Have a great day underneath the air conditioning 🙂

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