Energy-Saving Ideas That are Myths

Your home’s energy usage is probably going through the roof in all this heat. To save money, don’t fall prey to some common household energy-saving myths.

This relentless and record-breaking heat is doing a number on your electric bill.  Forbes is out with the truth on several energy-saving myths. A few of them:

  • It says closing the vents in your house won’t save energy, contrary to popular belief. So even if you’re not using a room, keep the vents open.
  • All new homes aren’t efficient.  It’s not when it was built, but how it was built.
  • And you may  have been taught that it takes less energy to leave a light on, then to turn it off and back on again. Forbes says that’s a myth. So hit the switch when you leave the room.

Click here to check out more energy-saving myths

One Comment on “Energy-Saving Ideas That are Myths

  1. Informative but we need more recommendations than otherwise posted here.

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