Bring On Winter!

I think I’m changing my mind about the weather. We’ve been over 100 degrees all except a few days since June. July was the hottest month ever in Oklahoma! Today Tulsa hit 112. Tomorrow it could be 115! By the way, that’s the highest temp EVER in Tulsa.

Day after day after day of this has me longing for February. I never thought I’d say that. And February was cruel in another way. 30 below in some areas around Tulsa, several blizzards, stuck sleeping at the TV station for days. Not fun at all. But it didn’t punish us forever, which is what it seems like summer is doing.

Maybe these pictures will help cool us down.

One Comment on “Bring On Winter!

  1. I really feel sorry for all of you in the heat belt of our country. Actually, TRULY, summer just began for us in the Pacific Northwest at the end of July. At last we have some temperatures that reach as high as 85 degrees. The rim road at Crater Lake (which Mark has taken many times) finally opened to through traffic due to late snow. A crazy year!

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