Pick Your Poison: Boiling or Freezing?

Oklahoma and much of the nation is baking again today. I’m looking at the thermometer as I write this at around 3:30 pm, and the temp reads 106. So it’s safe to say the high will be around 107 or 108 today. That makes 24 days over 100 in Tulsa so far this year.

I’ve taken a sneak peek at the 8 day planner and just about every day is forecasted over 100. I’m not math major, but that adds up to a lot of sweating.

We’ve certainly felt the extreme weather in Oklahoma this year. Back in February, we were buried in a couple of blizzards and shivered through unbearable lows. I took a couple of screen shots on my iPhone February 10th… -11 in Tulsa and -25 about an hour north in Bartlesville!

So either way we’re suffering. Here’s my question: If you had to pick your poison, would you rather have it uncomfortably hot or somewhere well below unbearable? 106 or minus 11 (I’ll spare you the -25)? On broil or teeth shattering frigid?

Let me know.

3 Comments on “Pick Your Poison: Boiling or Freezing?

  1. When I was a full-figured boy, winter couldn’t get her soon enough, or last to long.
    Now that I’m thin, I crave the heat.
    Can’t get enough.
    LOVE these 111 degree days!

  2. I am NEVER one to wish for winter…I will take the heat anyday…I love summer even when it’s over 100 degrees outside! I love that you can go to the lake, the beach (wish I lived near one) or the pool to cool off…in the winter…all you can do is layer in hopes you warm up or fly south- which isn’t easy on the pocketbook…so Hot it is for me!!! 🙂

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