Father Leaps to Save Son at State Park

177 foot South Falls @ Silver Falls State Park (Oregon)

Most parents will do just about anything to save or protect their children from danger. Even if it means facing their own fears head-on. Case in point in Oregon this week, at a beautiful spot I visited this summer while seeing my parents.

Emmanuel and his parents, Ana and Ramiro Vallejo, were at Silver Falls State Park. They’d just stopped to enjoy the grand South Falls, a 177 foot waterfall. There’s a trail leading down behind the falls, which is slippery from the mist of the cascading water. Somehow little Emmanuel fell over the trail’s railing and started the long tumble to the fall’s pool below.

Here’s a video I took as I walked the trail behind the big falls. You’ll see the railing the little boy fell over:

Ramiro has a fear of heights, but didn’t waste a second, and jumped over the railing. He slid down to his son, and held on. “I feared he’d go all the way down to where the rocks were,” says Ramiro. “I didn’t know where I was going to land.” While they never were in jeopardy of going over the 177 foot falls, they did go at least 60 feet, head over heels. Onlookers near the base of the waterfall helped them make their way down safely.

Father and son were shaken, suffered a few scratches, but they’re alive.

(Source: ABC News)

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