Are Dogs as Smart as Kids?

Here’s one of those studies that caught our attention in the newsroom. Are dogs as smart as kids? (Insert joke here.) I have three of each, so I’m interested in how this one turns out.

A new study finds that dogs have the developmental abilities of a two-year-old. So I guess that means my three boys (ages 16, 18 and 21) shouldn’t feel threatened in an IQ test with our two Labs and Schnauzer.

Researchers found the average canine is capable of learning the meaning of 165 words. It also found that dogs can interpret human body language and behavior, and use it to their advantage. That’s a no brainer. One of our labs, Jeter, can read us like a book. They say it’s no accident dogs beg for food (or beer)  from someone who’s paying attention to them.

Jeter, if you’re reading this right now…. go to bed.


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