It’s a …… Kidney Stone!

I can’t believe something so small can hurt so much. My ordeal with the kidney stone (Oh Baby! It’s a Kidney Stone) is finally over. It ended Friday night, nearly three days after the “labor” began.

Many compare passing kidney stones with giving birth. I neglected to take pictures of my first “child” 15 years ago. That was before the iPhone. This time I was ready. And no, he she it didn’t come out looking like FDR. It’s the one on the left. Not very impressive is it?

My urologist (the ER doctor was Dr. Stone) wants to see it. Says he’ll analyze it, and tell me more about its conception. That’s getting a little personal. I’ve already read up on it. According to the National Kidney & Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse website, the most common kind is made when the calcium that stays behind in the kidney joins with other waste products to form a stone. The combination is called calcium oxalate. Kidney stones may be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a pearl. Some stones are even as big as golf balls (Are you kidding me?). Stones may be smooth or jagged.

What I’d really like to do, is smash my “baby” into a million pieces. But I’ll bundle it up and take it to the doctor.

My wife loved all the drama (and probably the pain) this week. I even caught her celebrating after the “delivery” (see photo to the left).  Too bad SHE won’t have anymore babies. I’d love to see her go through that again.

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  2. The treatment of kidney stones may perhaps change depending on the dimensions of the stones and condition of the individual. The remedy commonly aims at relieving the individual of discomfort, passing kidney stones through urine or eliminating them surgically. The surgical procedure might possibly be invasive or non-invasive, relying on the placement and size of the kidney stones.

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