Mascots and Me

Buddy, me and Volt

Most of the time I work with co-anchors, reporters, photographers and producers. But occasionally I have toget


to hang out with mascots. Today we were shooting promos for the Tulsa City/County Library’s Summer Reading Program. It’s something I’ve been involved with for many years. I’m a big proponent of getting kids to read more. I tell them reading is how they learn. But that’s besides the point. Back to the mascots.

Buddy the Bookworm

Volt and Buddy the Bookworm were my sidekicks today. Volt is the mascot of the Tulsa Shock. That’s the new WNBA team in town. He She It Volt can do some pretty amazing stunts. Buddy is the mascot for the library system. Hornsby, the mascot for our Double A baseball team, the Drillers, was a no-show. Must have been on the DL.

The mascots don’t talk, so I had to memorize all the lines. But then again, I can’t do what Volt can do. Take a look (Quiet! We’re in the library):

BTW, Library Reading Night is August 6th at the Drillers game at ONEOK Field. I throw out the first pitch every year that night. See you there.

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