My Top 8 Rules of Flying Etiquette

Many of us will be flying to our destinations this summer (I have a few flights booked). We’ll be sharing cramp quarters at 30,000 feet. So I thought I’d share a few do’s and don’ts for airline passengers. Airline etiquette. High-altitude manners. Here are 8 of my passenger pet peeves:

  1. Wait your turn. Why do people have to shove and push their way to get off the plane? There’s always someone who doesn’t know how to de-plane politely. I can understand if they have a tight connection to catch. I’ll gladly step aside to let them by. But that’s usually not their excuse. They’re just rude.
  2. Keep it down. I don’t want to hear your conversation the whole flight. See that guy to the right? He was sitting in front of me on a flight to Tulsa. For 2 hours I (and everyone else within 4 rows) had to listen to him tell the poor guy next to him how much he hated living in Tulsa. I should have told him to shut up. Instead, he became fodder for my blog.
  3. Use your own overhead bin… not mine. Some passengers, as soon as they get on board, will put their carry-on in an overhead bin at the front of the plane, then head to their seat further back. Then when I get to my seat, there’s no room for my carry-on.
  4. Seat backs are NOT meant to be used as leverage. How many times does the passenger behind you use your seat back to help him/her get up out of their seat?  “Is there a doctor on the plane? I’ve got a case of whiplash!” Use your armrest. Better yet, lose some weight.
  5. Keep your shoes on. Unfortunately, those whose feet smell, are the last to know.
  6. They make deodorant for a reason.  Use it. See #5.
  7. Potty trips. If you’re someone who frequents the outhouse when flying, please, please, please, book an aisle seat. I love aisle seats because it gives me a little more room and freedom to move around without bothering anyone else. And, I’ll admit, to take a restroom break whenever I want and not climb over someone all the time.
  8. Kicking kids. Don’t act like you don’t see it, if your child is kicking the seat in front of him/her. Trust me, I know it’s not easy to fly with children. I have 3 boys. They were hard to control sometimes. They still are. But don’t ignore it. A little effort and discipline is good PR with your fellow passengers.

Remember Rodney King’s famous quote, “Can’t we all get along?” If more airline passengers would follow that advice, maybe flying would be more enjoyable.

Those are a few of my passenger pet peeves. Let me know what yours are.

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