Happy Hour Meals

The next time you belly up to the bar, it could be at a fast food joint. More chains are serving up alcohol to help boost sales. Here are some examples:

  • Burger King recently opened “Whopper Bars” in half a dozen U.S. locations. The bars sell beer for about $4.25 a bottle.
  • USA Today reports Sonic is next. The chain plans to sell alcohol at two new locations in South Florida.
  • Wine is already on the menu at some Starbucks in Seattle.
Sonic’s Drew Ritger told USA Today they’ll sell beer “to customers who eat on its patio, but not to folks in cars.”

With more fast food chains selling beer with their burgers and fries, here’s how a future order might go down:

“Can I help you?”

“Sure can. I’d like one of your happy hour meals, please.”

One Comment on “Happy Hour Meals

  1. Shameful. As if we don’t have enough drunks who are consuming alchohol in this nation and causing accidents on our highways. If this happens to our Burger Kings—–no more Whoppers. One more step DOWN in our nation. Have a safe Fourth of July! Motto should not be “Don’t drink and drive”, but ” DON’T DRINK” !

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