Free Stuff On Your Birthday

We’re celebrating America’s birthday this coming Monday. And in light of that, we came across ways to score some free stuff on YOUR birthday.

It’s not just free ice cream

Actually, MSN Money compiled the list… “25 freebies for your birthday”. And it’s not just ice cream on the house. The  freebies include dinner, drinks, clothing and cosmetics. In most cases you have to spend a little time registering at online birthday clubs.

Birthday freebies for kids include:

  • A free hamburger meal at Burger King
  • A Toys R Us gift card.

And for grownups, the giveaways include:

  • A burger at Red Robin
  • $5 off at DSW
  • A small sandwich at Schlotzsky’s
  • And a scoop of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins
Sign-up first

Once again, you have to register for these birthday freebies beforehand.  You can’t just walk in the store and say “It’s my birthday, I want something free.” And while the retail chains mentioned offer the birthday freebies, not every restaurant participates, so call to make sure yours does.

Click here for more birthday freebies.

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