Bad Breath Could Kill That Promotion

Want a promotion, but can’t figure out why you’re not getting one? It could be that tattoo on your arm, or (please stand back)…. your bad breath. A new survey from CareerBuilder shows that employers consider personal attributes when making promotion decisions.

Employers gave these reasons when asked what would make them less likely to give a promotion:

  • Piercings 37%
  • Bad breath 34%
  • Visible tattoo 31%
  • Wrinkled clothes 31%
  • Messy hair 29%
  • Too much perfume or cologne 26%
  • Too much makeup 22%
  • Messy office or cubicle 19%
  • Chewed fingernails 10%
  • Too suntanned 4%

Can you think of something to add to this list?


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