Tough Summer For Teens Looking For Work

It may be a tough summer for teenagers looking for work (especially if they’re looking for snow shoveling jobs). USA Today reports that seasonal job prospects are so tight that three out of four teens won’t have a job this summer.

The reason for the dismal outlook? Experts say with people spending less, stores aren’t hiring as much.  And local governments are also tightening their belts, employing fewer summer workers at parks and pools.

The recent report on summer jobs for teenagers isn’t very encouraging, but a little coaching from mom or dad may change that. I recently asked TulsaKids Magazine managing editor Betty Casey for some advice. Casey says while most of the responsibility of landing a summer job should be on the teenager, parents can help their child:

  • Identify potential jobs.
  • Put together a resume, if one’s needed.
  • And coach them on what to say during the interview.

Casey says, “That kind of coaching that kids don’t know but parents do you can really help a teenager present themselves well and give them ideas for jobs.” She says there are many reasons why a teenager needs a summer job. It gives them a good self-esteem, and with gas so expensive, it helps contribute to the family budget.

One Comment on “Tough Summer For Teens Looking For Work

  1. Couldn’t help but respond to this one!!! Another reason for teens not getting summer jobs is that they are lazy, waiting for their parents to feed them, send them to college, buy them clothes, etc. Your boys have done very well with summer—-and winter—-jobs. Or was it the parents? I loved the pic of David getting ready to vacuum. And was that Tommy clearing Oklahoma snow?

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