Grocery Shopping Trends are Changing

Grocery shopping trends are changing, and they show how the recession has shaped our buying habits. One of the trends?  We’re spending more on some things, but cutting back on others.

A good example of that is people tend to splurge on organic strawberries, but only buy soda when it’s on sale. It shows that we’re becoming more health conscious, while still thinking about our economic situation.

Here are more shopping trends:

  • More Americans are buying generic. There’s no stigma to generic brands anymore.
  • It’s not just about price anymore. Shoppers are into convenience.   Half of all supermarket trips result in purchases of five items or less. That’s why  drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreen stock groceries.
  • Consumers are more open-minded about where they shop. For example, dollar stores have become more popular simply because prices are low.

Want to get the most out of your grocery shopping? Here are some basics:

  • Don’t shop hungry
  • Don’t shop without a list
  • Before you get to the check out counter, survey your cart, and ask yourself, “Do you need everything you have, and do you have everything you need?” Another trip to the store to buy one or two forgotten items, usually ends up with a shopping cart full of groceries costing a lot more.

Click here for more ways to save money at the grocery store.

(source: CNN)

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