My Battle with the Birds

See that photo of the baby birds with beaks wide open, desperate for a meal? I took the picture this week on my back patio. Cute, isn’t it? Not to me. Every year, it represents the same thing for me. It means I’ve lost… again. Chalk up another thrill of victory for them, another agony of defeat for me.

Every spring I do battle with the birds at my house. Like clockwork they fly in to build their nests… front porch and back. And every year, I’m the landlord trying to evict the messy and dirty squatters.

Every year, I think I can outsmart them. I know their favorite hangouts: on top of the outdoor speakers on the back patio, the corners of the gutters, and just above my front door. I cover or block those spots with anything to get them to go anywhere else. Anywhere. Like my neighbor’s house. But they knock the stuff down, or push it aside, and before you know it, the construction begins.

So I’m out there knocking down their mud homes with broom, shovel, water hose, and sticks. But they’re persistent, and the construction workers keep coming back. The battle of wills goes on for a couple of weeks. Trouble is, I have a job during the day, and sleep at night. They don’t. And before you know it, their home is framed, mom is knocked up, the eggs are hatched, and the babies are crying for food.

They win. I lose. Every year. And you know what? I’m always the optimist. I always believe next year will be different.

What’s your secret to keeping birds from nesting around your house?

3 Comments on “My Battle with the Birds

  1. The birds may be Barn Swallows that make ugly mud nests against the house and underneath your eaves. Do they fly straight into the nest like a “jet” , and/or “dive-bomb” down right by your face when you’re on the patio? We had them for a few years, but they took over a bird house. Dad and I LOVE birds—-but not swallows. I read that Europe LOVES them, however. One good thing—-They are a natural pest controller of insects, etc. We have two bird feeders which must be filled DAILYwith bird seed, and two bird houses. Dad and I both enjoy watching the birds, and I love to take pictures like yours above. Today we saw at least 4 different species of birds at our feeders at one time, and new baby birds learning to fly. Gold finches, House finches, Rufus-sided Tohwee, various Sparrows, and, of course, Barn Swallows. I guess you have to learn to love your birds—-discourage certain nesting areas around your patio, buy some Audubon Bird Books, lots of bird seed, bird houses, and bird feeders. Discourage CATS!!!!!

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