Don’t Make These Job Hunting Mistakes

The economy  is showing some signs of improvement… but it’s still not easy for those who need jobs. In this job market, there’s no room for error if you’re looking for work.  So don’t make these mistakes:

  • Don’t say, “I’ll take anything.”  No employer wants to hear that.  Instead focus on what you’re best qualified to do.. and target all your efforts around that.
  • Don’t focus on your needs.  An employer doesn’t want to hear you say “I want stability, I want growth, I want this much money.”   Remember, hiring decisions are about the company’s needs, not yours.
  • Don’t use one resume for every job. Tweak every resume to the needs of the position you’re applying to.
  • Don’t go negative.  Simply put, recruiters shy away from candidates who complain about being laid off, or the unfairness of the job market.  A positive attitude is contagious.
  • And don’t show up unprepared.   Do your homework about the company, and look and sound interested by coming up with intelligent questions.

And nowadays you can Google the people you’ll be meeting with to see what you can learn about them. You may find you have similar interests, kids the same age,  or went to the same college. That’ll give you something to talk about during that job interview.

Click here for more job hunting mistakes to avoid.

(source: ABCNews)

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