Joplin Disaster: In My Own Words

The extent of the damage and destruction from Sunday evening’s tornado in Joplin, Missouri is incredible. I admit the media often overuse words like amazing and unbelievable. Trust me, we’re not guilty of throwing about descriptive words and phrases like that in this situation.

In my two days covering the story in Joplin, I met several veterans of disasters, and veterans of war. They all said this is the worst they’ve ever seen. Here’s a video I took describing in my own words just how bad it is. I also took lots of pictures, and talked to many survivors and searchers in Joplin.

6 Comments on “Joplin Disaster: In My Own Words

  1. Hey Mark!! We miss you in Oregon! Family looks great! Rod and I are living in Oregon at mother and dad’s ranch in Grants Pass. We were able to see your folks as we were traveling back from a women’s conference in Portland.
    My mother’s family were from Joplin so it was hard to see it so maimed. How did the main streets in the middle of town survive? Do you know? Your pictures looked like edge of town views of newly established neighborhoods. Thanks for the pictures!
    Sharon and Rod Alfsen

    • Hi Sharon. It’s truly a sad sight in Joplin. The downtown was spared, but miles and miles of neighborhoods and business districts were destroyed. If you’re familiar with where St. Johns Hospital is, all that area, and for miles around it is gone. Thanks for reading for blog.

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  3. Dear Mark,

    I am working on a publication that is mentioning the Joplin disaster and would like to use your photo with the flag in the foreground. will you require payment? credit?

    This is a small article and the photo would be about 4.5″ x 3.5″.

    Please let me know. My e-mail address is

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