In-N-Out Burgers Open in Texas

Anyone who says “A burger’s just a burger,” hasn’t been to In-N-Out. Just ask my California-native wife (that’s her to the left with the big smile on her face). The California-based chain has been in business for decades out West, but just this week opened a couple of stores in the Dallas, Texas area.

Woman cries over her burger

In-N-Out customers are loyal at worst, and fanatical at best. Videos show incredibly long lines of cars on opening day in Frisco, customers and employees high-fiving each other, and a woman (formerly from California) who cried as she took a bite out of her Double-Double.

“Take us to the nearest In-N-Out! And step on it!!”

Whenever we go out to California we HAVE to hit an In-N-Out. A few years back our family had a 90 minute layover in Sacramento. Not enough time to leave the airport? Usually. Unless there’s an In-N-Out nearby. We hailed a cab, and headed straight for the nearest In-N-Out. We were licking our fingers as we ran to catch our next flight.

This week our favorite burger joint just got closer. It’s now just a four-hour drive away.

7 Comments on “In-N-Out Burgers Open in Texas

  1. We love In-N-Out!!! The best burgers in the world!!

  2. Ooohhh…can’t wait to finally try one! I’ll be going to Dallas in June 🙂

  3. I have gone 6 years this month without an In-N-Out burger. that’s how long ago we left Calif. I am having In-N-Out withdrawal symptoms.

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