5 Ways to Save Money on Pets

From costly medications to high-priced parties, Americans continue to pamper their pets. Last year, $48 billion was spent on our pets. When it comes to Fido and Fluffy (or in my case, Jeter, Major, Tipsy, Butters and Billie), Americans are spending more than ever, even during lean economic times.

I went to Partnering for Pets, an organization in Owasso dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals, for help on cutting our pet costs. Sherri Griggs says it all starts with a good foundation. “Spending a little while the pet is young will save you a lot money later on.”

Here are her five ways to save money on your pet:

  • Good nutrition. Feeding your pet good, healthy food will save on vet bills. Ask around for recommendations.
  • Give your pet the core vaccines to help prevent health problems later.
  • Brushing your pet regularly will cut your grooming bills, which aren’t cheap.
  • Get your pet used to brushing his teeth.  That’ll save you from high dental costs.
  • And don’t forget to practice a little preventive medicine. Spend a little money on things like heart worm medicine. It could save you a lot of money and heartache later.

Americans love their pets, but all that love comes at a cost. Here’s one more stat to back that up: Pet owners are projected to spend more than $12 billion on veterinary care this year (American Pet Products Association survey).  That’s up 50% from just five years ago!

Click here to learn more about Partnering for Pets.

*What are some ways you pamper your pet? Save money on your pet? Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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