Gas-Saving Myths: Don’t Be Fueled

Although crude oil prices have dropped, gas prices haven’t. Gas has risen about a dollar since January. That has drivers anxious to cut costs. But AAA says that many gas-saving strategies are mere myths.

At $3.65 a gallon in Tulsa, and higher elsewhere, drivers are looking for any way to cut costs. There are ways to save money at the pump, but AAA Oklahoma tells NewsChannel 8 that a lot of tips about how to stretch the dollar are nothing more than myth. The following are all false:

  • Additives and products improve fuel efficiency.  AAA has found that these products do not work. Avoid speeding, rapid acceleration and braking to lower gas mileage. This can translate to a savings of 15 cents to $1 per gallon, according to the Department of Energy.
  • It’s better to leave your car running than to turn it off and then back on. When a vehicle is running but not moving, it is achieving negative miles per gallon. In addition, a warm engine uses minimal fuel to shut down and restart. If you’re stopping for longer than a minute, it’s a good idea to shut down your vehicle.
  • Some days are cheaper than others to buy gas. There is no best day of the week to fill up.
  • Boycotting gas stations will make oil companies lower their prices. This one makes the rounds via email chains and is a favorite of Facebook users every time pump prices soar. Unless you stop driving your car altogether, you are merely postponing the inevitable.
  • And over-inflating the tires will improve fuel efficiency. Over-inflating tires does not improve fuel efficiency, tire makers and highway safety experts, including AAA, say. It merely results in tires wearing more quickly and having less traction on the road. Improve fuel economy by maintaining the recommended pressure.

AAA says all of these are false, and the best ways to save gas money is slow down and lighten the load. Another proven method is to drive less.

AAA has more gas-saving myths and also the best things you can do to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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