Save Money on Summer Clothes for Kids

The heat is on, and it’s not even summer yet. While a swimsuit will be the clothing of choice for a lot kids this summer, many parents will be looking for clothes for their kids, without breaking the bank.

Kids’ clothes aren’t cheap, and since they growth so fast, the price tag is even more painful to stomach. But shopping for summer doesn’t have to cost a lot. We went to Betty Casey, of TulsaKids Magazine, for help. “Well one of the advantages to summer is you don’t need a lot of nicer clothes to go to school,” says Casey.

Casey says there are several ways to find good summer clothes at budget prices, including:

  • Checking out consignment stores. There are many in the Tulsa metro, and you can save up to 75% off new. “You can get some really, really nice things at consignment stores for a fraction of the cost what they would cost at the department store.”
  • But don’t count out the department stores. They often have summer clothing deals during the summer, but even bigger deals at the end of the season. Buy then for next summer. You might have to guess on sizes though, if your child is growing.
  • And parents can organize a swap meet with other parents to save a lot of money. “Parents with different age kids can organize a swap meet and trade clothes,” says Casey. “That’s sort of an up and coming trend that I’ve noticed lately with parents.”

These are just a few ways parents can take the pain out of buying summer clothes for their kids.

Click here for more tips on saving money on kids’ clothes.

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