Ann Curry to Co-Anchor “Today” Show

Congratulations to Ann Curry. It was announced this morning that she’s replacing Meredith Vieria as co-anchor of the “Today” show.

I’ve been watching Ann’s career with interest for many years, ever since we worked together at KTVL in Medford, Oregon. I’ve written before about her start in TV news, which had been a male-dominated industry, and the doubts (by her male boss) she would ever make it in the business. Here’s a portion of an earlier blog

There was only one female in our small news department.  And the news director reportedly told her she would never make it in this business.  NEVER!  Why?  One reason.  She was a woman.  ”You’ll never last here girl.” Boy, was he ever right.  She didn’t last there.  After jobs in Portland, LA, and Chicago, she landed a job in New York City.  On the Today Show.  You’ve probably seen her.  Ann Curry.  As in “Matt, Meredith, ANN and Al.”

In June, Ann will become “Today’s” sixth female co-anchor in the show’s 60 year history. Not bad for someone who’ll “never make it in this business.”

2 Comments on “Ann Curry to Co-Anchor “Today” Show

  1. We love Ann!! We think she will be GREAT as co-anchor with Matt Lauer!! A lovely person and well qualified.

  2. I think she is an awful anchor. She is no mach for Matt Lauer. Back to the news ann

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