Save Money With These Travel Sites

Rising gas prices and soaring airfares mean higher costs for your summer vacation. But you can still find some good deals online.There’s no doubt, bargains are harder to come by these days. So it helps to have someone else look for you. I came across some really good travel Websites on Kiplinger.

Whether you drive… or fly…. the cost of traveling continues to go up. That also goes for the hotel once you get there.  But If you know where to look online, travel sites can help find the best deals. Here are a few of them:

  • searches hundreds of online sources for the cheapest fares available.
  • AirfareWatchdog is best for travelers ready to take off at the drop of a deal. It also includes fares from Southwest, JetBlue and other small airlines that may not appear on bigger search sites.
  • Want to know what others think about a hotel before you book it? Check out TripAdvisor for reviews by others.
  • And at, hundreds of travel agents compete to give you the lowest prices for trips… whether you’re booking well in advance or the last moment.

And there are so many more great travel sites online. And just about all of them are free to use. Click here to check out the rest.

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