Osama bin Laden Photo Feedback

The White House’s decision this week not to release images of a dead Osama bin Laden has some doubting the terrorist leader is really dead. Come on!! If we don’t believe our own government, who can we believe? Al Qaeda?

Today (Friday) the terror network behind the 9-11 attacks confirmed its leader’s death in a Web statement.  “Sheikh Osama didn’t build an organization that will vanish with his death or fades away with his departure,” according to the statement. The statement also threatens revenge:

“This blood will be a curse that will chase the Americans and their agents, a curse that will pursue them inside and outside their country, and soon — with God’s help — we pray that their happiness turns into sorrow and may their blood mix with their tears and let Sheikh Osama’s resonate again.”

Most of you (65%) who responded to my totally unofficial, extremely unscientific poll say we should be able to see photos of bin Laden’s body. And not just because they want proof he’s dead. Here are a few of your comments:

  • “so much for transparent government.” (george)
  • “There’s no point to releasing film or photos because these mediums often tell lies.” (nicole)
  • “It seems to me I remember a lot of gruesome photos shown in various places, but the first to come to mind would be Daniel Pearl. I think there was video of al Queda cutting his head off.” (rick)
  • “I seem to remember ‘death photos’ of American soldiers being shown on Al Jazeera… I’m just sayin…”  (carmen)
  • “Screw Middle East opinion! Release the death photos, it’s the American way!”  (chris)
  • “I don’t think it will help in our relationship with the rest of the Muslim nations to release photos glorifying our killing of UBL. And the zeel which some American people want to take to the streets screaming and parading his dead picture around is little different from the terrorist that we have hated for the extact same kind of behavior.” (lee)
  • “As far as zeal goes, do you mean like Muslims dancing in the streets across the Middle East on 9-12-01?? That kind of zeal?? I don’t think Americans ‘want to take to the street screaming and parading his death picture around’. I think Americans need to see those photos to justify in our minds, the blood and treasure this country sacrificed searching for, finding and killing this thug. He’s not Mohammad for Christ’s sake.” (rick)
  • “I think the Bin Laden photos should be released for a number of reasons but the first one that comes to mind is closure!!” (chad)

Thank you for your comments. I’m proud to live in a nation where we can speak our mind! We don’t always agree with each other, but we have one thing in common:


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