Graduation Gift Ideas

This is high school graduation season, and your mailbox may be stuffed with graduation announcements from friends or family. You want to honor the young men or women for their achievements, but money is pretty tight.

It’s cap and gown season, but responding to all those graduation announcements can be overwhelming, and costly. So I asked you for your budget gift ideas and also went to an expert for advice.

It depends on your relationship with the graduate

The Etiquette School of Oklahoma’s Jana Christian says you should always send something as a token of congratulations. And the amount should depend on your relationship with that young person. It could be just a card if it’s someone you don’t know well, 20 dollars to a neighbor, or a nicer gift to a close friend or relative. Christian says “gift cards are always popular with young people, because they have their own ideas on how to spend the money.”

Swedish au pair?

I also asked for your grad gift ideas. Here are a few of them:

  • Ashley wrote she loved to get  “monogrammed towels and personalized stationary,” but admits that’s more for girls than guys.
  • Jeff suggested practical items like “a planner/organizer, a laundry hamper on wheels, or small refrigerator.” He also threw in a “fuel-efficient car, Swedish au pair, and 40″ LED TV.”  Thanks Jeff, and keep dreaming.
  • Charla says “t-shirts, sweats and jackets from the college they’ll be going to” are good gifts.
  • “tax-deductible donation to the graduate’s  529” college savings plan was Angie’s gift idea.
  • From Alecia… “For girls, you can never go wrong with some Vera Bradley pieces.”
  • And Gretchen adds, for ‘boys, cash.”

Hope that helps you with some graduation gift ideas that don’t cost a lot of money.

By the way, etiquette expert Jana Christian says “if you receive a gift, always send a handwritten thank you note.” Especially, I might add, if you get a car, Swedish au pair or big screen TV.

4 Comments on “Graduation Gift Ideas

  1. I would suggest getting your graduate all of their dorm supplies. After reading many great reviews I decided to buy my son his dorm needs from I bought everything on the dorm list which was really great since I don’t have to go out shopping again. I bought a bedding in a trunk set, a refridgerator with freezer, a cube/nightstand, shower caddy, and shower shoes. With everything I bought I only had to pay the flat rate shipping and it shipped within 24 hours. I can’t wait to give him this gift.

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