Secrets to Ease the Fear of Flying

Every year millions of passengers fly in the U.S… and almost everyone has some sort of complaint. Airline passengers know traveling isn’t easy. From running to catch a flight to cramming our bags into the overhead bin, it’s work. Here’s some advice to ease some of our frustrations, and take the pain out of flying.

Jennifer Mills is an expert on flying. She should be. Mills is a flight attendant. Her secrets include some  obvious, but often ignored advice:

“People tend to over pack. By the end of their trip they look at their luggage and they have only worn half the clothes they brought.”

To the practical:

“Often there isn’t enough time to grab something to eat, so I’ll always bring something. What’s great in the morning is some instant oatmeal. It’s great. You can pour it into a coffee cup and ask a flight attendant to bring you a cup of hot water.”

Don’t like the middle seat? Who does?  Mills has some advice on how to avoid the squeeze:

“Most of the flights are pretty full these days but by all means if it is getting near departure time and you notice there are some seats available, before you get up and move though, because there might be other customers coming in that are actually in those seats, just ring your flight attendant call button and ask a flight attendant. We’d be happy to move you if the seat is available.”

More on packing. Mills takes a medium-sized roll bag.

“I can take this on a seven day trip. The key to travel is really just organizing. I always take a scarf with me when I’m traveling, because it makes a great blanket onboard the aircraft. I always put a couple of dryer sheets in my luggage just to keep everything nice and fresh.” (When she packs, she rolls up her pants to keep them from getting wrinkled.)

And more on the food (or lack of) on planes:

“Customers often don’t think they can ask for more to drink, or more to eat. If you ever need more pretzels, or you didn’t get a lunch, we would be happy to help out.”

More pretzels for lunch. And who says flying isn’t what it used to be?

And Mills best advice for flyers? Wait for it. Here it is. She says worry about the things you CAN control, and not about the things you CAN’T, like weather delays. “So it’s best to sit back and relax.” Her words, not mine.

Tomorrow, secrets from an airline ticket counter agent, including the key to getting from the airport’s drop-off curb to the gate in the quickest possible time.

(Source: CNN)

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