Season Pass or Pay-As-You-Go?

School’s nearly out and summer is almost here. Parents will soon be lining up things to do for their kids during the next few months. But with budgets tight, you don’t want to waste any money. So should you buy that season pass or pay-as-you-go?

That’s a question many parents will face this summer.  Places like Big Splash, the Oklahoma Aquarium, the Tulsa Zoo and the museums are all good choices, but they aren’t free.

More than twice, buy the season pass

I went to the experts at TulsaKids Magazine for a little guidance. Betty Casey, managing editor says, “I think it’s almost always cheaper to buy an annual membership.” Casey’s rule of thumb is if you plan on going more than twice, buy the season pass. “It would pay for your memberships,” she says. “So that’s a major amount of money and I think people are more apt to go.”

Check out the Websites of the popular hang-outs for kids to compare the costs of one-time visits vs. season passes. At Big Splash, for example, a pass pays for itself after three visits.

Biggest reason not to buy a season pass?

That’s simple. Casey says if you don’t plan to use it. “It’s like anything else.  If you have an exercise bike and you don’t exercise it’s not going to pay off.”

And Casey says memberships can not only save money, but also give you additional perks and benefits.

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