Take Your Dog Out to the Ball Game (but not my dog)

Jeter is a Yankees fan

Want to take your best friend to the Drillers game Saturday night? Your real best friend? (As you can see, one of my dogs, Jeter, is a HUGE Yankees fan.) It’s time for the annual Bark in the Park, when dogs can also enjoy a game at ONEOK Field. It’s another one of KTUL’s Grand Slam Saturdays at the ballpark.

The following is a portion of an interview Friday with Drillers’ Marketing Director Rob Gardenhire (and his dog Scout) about the event. And yes, I ask him the obvious question. I know you’re thinking the same thing.

Alright. That’s the poop scoop on Bark in the Park.

I could never take Jeter to Bark in the Park. If there’s a baseball anywhere around, he HAS to have it. That would be a little embarrassing. The announcer’s call:

“And here’s the pitch. Jose Garcia swings and hits. The ball is headed deep into the right field corner and a sure double. Maybe more. (Awkward silence) What the…  Folks you won’t believe it. You just won’t believe it. A yellow lab has jumped out of the stands and caught the ball. It’s the most doggone thing I’ve ever seen. Can we count that as an out?”

Sorry, Jeter. You’ll have to stay home.

“And look what he’s doing now. Oh my, whoever owns that dog has quite a mess to clean-up.”

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