Tulsa Spirit Awards

Carey Baker, MB, Adrienne Kallweit

I admire people who have a great business idea and run with it. It’s not easy. That takes moxie.

Here in Tulsa, there’s something called the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. It’s an annual competition that helps small businesses get “off the ground.”  The winner gets $30,000!

During Wednesday’s newscast I interviewed Adrienne Kallweit, the 2007 winner and owner of Seeking Sitters, and Carey Dunkin Baker, 2009 runner-up and owner of Part-Time Pros.  Here’s an excerpt on how the Spirit Awards helped them and how to get involved:

Thanks Adrienne and Carey. The deadline to apply is May 16. Go here to sign-up. Good luck.

One Comment on “Tulsa Spirit Awards

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