Relief For Airline Passengers

Do you ever feel like reaching for the barf bag when flying because you’re sick of always getting pushed around by the airlines? Here’s some good news: The Department of Transportation is pushing back. The DOT has added on to the 2009 “Airline Passenger Bill of Rights.”

New rules for airlines

It’s a great example of if there are enough passengers who complain, things will get changed. If you fly often… or even rarely… The DOT has your back. Here are a few of the changes:

  • Airlines will have to disclose all those hidden fees and taxes up front on their Websites… things like extra fees for bags, meals, pillows and reservation changes. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says, “We’re trying to look after passengers who in some instances have been treated pretty shabbily.”
  • Airlines will have to refund baggage fees if the bag is lost.  They already have to compensate passengers for their lost, damaged or delayed bags.  But now airlines will have to also pay back that fee… normally around $25… that you pay to check your bag.
  • Fliers will get compensated more when bumped off a flight. The new rules will ensure a refund double the value of your ticket up to $800.
  • And the rules say no more tarmac delays of more than four hours for international flights.  The limit is already three hours for domestic flights.

The new rules take effect in 120 days. Maybe fewer barf bags will be used after that.

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