Prom Night

My wife and I hit another milestone Saturday night. It was Senior Prom for our second son, Jacob.

Jacob and Mandi

 Like a proud parent, I took more than a few pictures of the kids before they went to dinner and dance. Here’s a quick video:

And here’s a slideshow of the photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two Senior Proms down… one to go!

7 Comments on “Prom Night

    • Thanks Nicole. The kids get tired of me taking pictures all the time, but always can’t wait to see them. It’s funny how that works. It was the same way when I was a kid. Hope you’re doing okay.

  1. Loved this Mark!!! Thanks again for always opening your home to all these seniors as the “go to” place after such occassions! Lots and Lots of Memories!!!

  2. I agree with you Mark… nothing beats the anticipation of seeing how your photographs will turn out.

    My Dad was a professional photographer and I grew up with analog photography. When I went to University for a BFA I chose a major in Photography. In my last year digital processes became a part of it. I still prefer the anticipation of seeing the film after it’s developed and shoot transparencies or sheet film whenever I’m taking fine art images or working from ‘the heart’. For me, photography will always be a kind of ‘magic’!

    Images from my fb wall:

  3. Great video, Mark. We really enjoyed it!

  4. Love it! So wished we could always be there with you to celebrate the milestones. Thx for always sharing the videos!

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