Your Financial Papers: Don’t Toss Them, Shred Them!

Your taxes may be done, and you’re breathing a sigh of relief.  But before you toss those papers in the trash, think about this. Tax documents contain some of your most sensitive personal and financial information, making them a prime target for identity thieves.

ID theft is top consumer complaint

The Federal Trade Commission recently released its annual list of top consumer complaints. And once again, identity theft topped the list. ID thieves aren’t above digging through trash or recycling bins to mine for the information. So shred documents you don’t need, rather than simply tossing them.

The Better Business Bureau’s Alison Southwick says, “Make sure that you shred any documents that have your birthdate, your PIN number, your Social Security numbers, any other information like your mother’s maiden name. It may sound like it’s not important, but to identity thieves, it can be a gold mine.”

Don’t toss it, shred it!

This Saturday, April 16, the BBB has it’s annual “Secure Your ID Day”. It’s a nationwide event, and it’s free.  In Tulsa, the so-called Shred Fest will be from 1-3 pm at Shredders Inc. at 635 W. 41st St.

Not sure what to keep and what to toss? Go here for some guidelines and suggestions.

3 Comments on “Your Financial Papers: Don’t Toss Them, Shred Them!

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