What Would Jesus Drive?

The other day I was at the gas station filling up my SUV. It was painful. I stood there staring at the pump, as the cost of the fill-up climbed higher and higher. I muttered something under my breath. Maybe I should have taken another approach.

Prayer at the pump

On Saturday a church in Georgia plans to gather at a gas station and pray for prices to drop. It’ll be the third time the church has prayed at the pump, and Pastor Marshall Mabry hopes prays the movement will spread all over the country.

I’m all for that because God can do anything, even the most difficult tasks, like making gas prices fall. That also got me wondering something else. If God drove, what kind of vehicle would He be pumping gas into?

There’s an old Jimmy Buffett song that has lyrics that go:

“I have been out wandering, I have traveled far, One conclusion I have made, Is God don’t own a car.”

Buffett’s probably right, but what IF God owned a car? What would He drive?

Could you picture God behind the wheel of a hybrid?

Nearly ten years ago, a coalition of religious and environmental groups launched a “What Would Jesus Drive?” campaign, hoping to get people to switch to more fuel-efficient cars.  In its ad campaign, a TV promo said, “If we love our neighbor and cherish God’s creation, maybe we should ask “What would Jesus drive?” Here’s the entire promo:

Maybe God would drive a big SUV

Like a Hummer. HummerGuy.net writes:

“I like to think that given a choice in rides, God would occasionally take the ole HUMMER H2 out for romp around the off-roads in Heaven.”


“Gnarly” God?

Or would He’d tool around town in something like a VW van, as suggested by the writer at Jalopnik.com?

“It’s a vehicle designed for the people, of simple means, and often owned by people who don’t have real jobs but claim to be carpenters. There’s also lots of room inside for the apostles.”

My youngest son, who wants to open a California surf shop when he gets older, might say “Gnarly dude” if there’s a surfboard on top of that VW van.

I really don’t know WWJD(rive). But I agree with what Georgia Pastor Mabry says about sky-rocketing gas prices. “If it doesn’t drop down to nothin’ but ten cents,” he says, “I’m happy with that. But what I really want to believe God to do is drop (it) down (to) $1.50, hey, I’m glad with that, too.”

Amen to that. That really would be “Gnarly!”

2 Comments on “What Would Jesus Drive?

  1. Though He “owned the cattle on a thousand hills”; Though He made the trees from which His cross was made; He didn’t have a home while living on earth; He rode a borrowed donkey to His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. He was crucified by the “money changers”. Today, I believe He would still live within His “earthly” means, and still WALK humbly among men. Jesus doesn’t change! On seceond thought, He might have borrowed your old orange Vega if desperate, Mark.

    • You’re probably right about Jesus. But I think you’re mistaken about something else. I believe John had the Vega, I drove the Datsun.

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