Government Shutdown: Your Tax Refund Could Be Delayed, But Taxes Still Due On Time

Are you expecting a tax refund? Good luck. You’ll get it, but it could be coming later this year.  And you can blame the bickering children politicians in Washington. How does that make you feel?

The check’s NOT in the mail

You may have heard that there’s a good possibility of a government shutdown beginning this weekend. The casualties could include honest, hard-working Americans who are owed money by the Internal Revenue Service. IRS employees wouldn’t be allowed to work, IRS offices will close, and many tax refund checks won’t be coming. For a while at least. The IRS also likely won’t answer its hotline–which could cause some stress at the height of tax season. How does that make you feel?

IRS still wants its money on time

Americans still will be expected to file their taxes by this year’s deadline of April 18, IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman said in Washington on Tuesday. How does that make you feel?

“The rules are different for us and for the government”

Maybe taxpayers who have their refund checks held hostage should slap a penalty on the IRS, and charge it interest for every day it doesn’t pay up. Maybe taxpayers who owe the IRS should say, “Sorry, we’ve had an economic meltdown at home this year, so you’ll get your money later.”

Sound absurd? I’m not the only one thinking this. Here’s how Patrick Cox, CEO of TaxMasters puts it on his company’s blog:

”If you came up to mid-April and you said [to the IRS] I tell you what, I’m going to take an extra two or three weeks to pay you, you’d pay pretty hefty penalties and interest for that privilege. So, it seems like the rules are different for us and for the government.”

You’re right. It probably wouldn’t work. And I don’t recommend withholding that tax check, or sending the IRS a letter asking for penalties and interest until you get your money. No, not a smart idea.

But it sure makes me feel better thinking about it.

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