Botox Anyone? A Competitive Lift in a Sagging Economy

Here’s a story from CNN I’ll be reading in one of our newscasts tonight that caught my attention a little more than the others.

As economy sags, plastic surgeries get a lift

New numbers out from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show more than 13 million surgeries were performed in 2010. And that boost in business is coming from an unexpected place… from older workers trying to look younger in a competitive job market.

Botox anyone?

While the number of surgical procedures climbed 5% last year, other less expensive and invasive methods saw greater growth. Injectable treatments like Botox and other fillers jumped 12% last year.

I’m not giving up any trade secrets, but I work in a business where they want maturity and experience without looking like you’re mature and experienced. Know what I mean? Your line of work probably isn’t much different, except I doubt the guys at your shop wear make-up. We’re all getting older, and our jobs are always being chased by someone younger. So why not use a little help now and then? Just saying…

Men or women?

(I’m always a little jumpy whenever I see a rubber glove like the one pictured to the left.) You might be surprised who’s having the procedures done. Phillip Haeck, president of the ASPS, told CNN, “It’s very, very important that you hang onto your job in this market and men seem more willing to do things to keep that job.” He says much of his business is coming from men over the age of 55 who are concerned about keeping their jobs.

The ASPS thinks the above mentioned trend will continue even after the job market turns around as the treatments grow in popularity.




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